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Catch a Cheating Spouse

Are you thinking your spouse is cheating on you? Seeing signs of cheating can be alarming. Often enough, they cast doubts on your loved one’s commitment.

You feel torn. “Is this really happening?…Maybe I’m just imagining things.” If you dwell in it long enough, you’ll become miserable. Moreover, your behavior towards them changes. If nothing is going on, you may risk pushing them away by acting suspicious and withdrawn. But what if your suspicions are correct and you’re a victim of cheating? Wouldn’t it be better to find out and get certainty? You can trust us to uncover the truth about a cheating spouse or an unfaithful partner.

Cheating Husband Investigation         Cheating Wife Investigation

Cheating Boyfriend Investigation        Cheating Girlfriend Investigation

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Our Standard Cheating Spouse or Partner Service Covers:

  • pre-surveillance consultation with your personal field investigator;
  • live text/chat with the field investigator;
  • CYPI client support during business hours 8 am – 8 pm EST;
  • a comprehensive report of your subject;
  • a full case report with court validity; and
  • all evidence, including pictures and/or videos, pertaining to your case.

If needed, you will later have access to the investigator as a licensed witness at an additional cost.

For Unusual/Difficult Cases, We Offer CYP Gold Service:

  • everything included in our standard service; plus
  • a second field investigator;
  • live video and/or picture updates;
  • 10% off of all premium data retrieval services (e.g. bank statements, cell phone or email forensics)
  • 24-hour access to a live private detective; and
  • unlimited comprehensive reports during your case.

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Other Services

Besides top notch cheater surveillance, we also provide:

  • Background checks conducted by a live private investigator (e.g. partner, roommate, tenant, employment);
  • Child custody case investigation;
  • Online dating investigation;
  • Cell phone and email forensics;
  • Missing person investigation;
  • Corporate fraud investigation;
  • Data retrieval searches (e.g. reverse phone number lookup, employment verification, tenant verification, bank/asset research, consumer credit reports); and
  • Skip trace (locate lost friends, relatives and loved ones).

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