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Catch Your Partner (CYP) showcases various infidelity investigator services. Courthouse Investigative Agency, a licensed private investigation agency, provides all services shown on Catch Your Partner.

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Courthouse Investigative Agency’s other website, People Search Live, showcases people search and background check services.

Infidelity Investigator Skills and Expertise

Through CatchYourPartner, you’ll connect to top qualified, trained private investigators. They have years of experience in infidelity investigations in the private investigative field. Our purpose is to give you, the client, the level of service you deserve.

Courteous and professional environment guarantees the dedication of all of our investigators.  This coupled with our agency’s tried-and-true, street-smart investigative experience provides our clients with the best possible services. Your investigator handles your case with utmost confidentiality.

Besides infidelity investigation, we provide a full range of investigative services. Examples of related services are family and matrimonial investigation and child custody investigation.

Whatever your particular needs are, we provide the proper private investigator to handle your needs.

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What Our Infidelity Investigators Do For You

Our infidelity investigators know the laws and regulations of surveillance. They solve cases prominently and effectively. The privacy of our clients and our integrity are vital to us and we work to our clients’ complete satisfaction. We will find out if you spouse or partner is cheating on you.

Although it gives us no pleasure to follow someone dear to you and take photos or record videos or write reports about your loved one, our infidelity investigators work hard and efficiently, and keep you updated. Our skilled private investigators provide photos, high resolution videos and reports without getting caught or spotted.

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Our experienced licensed investigators have access to database services unavailable to the general public. These services update their databases even on a daily basis. All data obtained by the investigator is verified prior to presenting it to the client. So it is not only a data search. The background checks that consumers conduct via online searches today often provide outdated or inaccurate information.

Our infidelity investigators provide current, verified data. That is why conducting your data retrieval needs through CatchYourPartner is priceless. Getting the correct results from your personal licensed private investigator is also most cost-efficient.

Yes, we work even at short notice, making us unique in the market. Our infidelity investigators are ready to serve you whenever and wherever you need them.

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Our Infidelity Investigation Fees Cover:

  • Knowledgeable, professional private investigators with all current equipment and tools
  • All licenses required by your state
  • All insurance including liability, errors and omissions, etc.

Why Trust Your Case with Us?

We have a code of ethics that is to be respected and strictly followed by our infidelity investigators. Strict action is taken against anyone who breaches it. We make sure that everyone in our network abides by it and no harm is done in any way. No compromise or negligence is acceptable in our network.

We hold private meetings and keep in touch with the client throughout the case. All the while maintaining the privacy intact and checked. Confidentiality and keeping you informed are of paramount importance to us.

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Catch Your Partner Mission Statement

“Always Confidential with Your Best Interest in Mind”

Through CatchYourPartner, Courthouse Investigative Agency strives to offer quality service to our clients at competitive pricing. Alongside, we want to offer a diversified and an inspiring environment to our employees and associates. Our goal also is to make enough profit to invest in continued growth. This again will help us guarantee a fair return to our investors and partners.

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